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Nike Coach of the Year Clinic 2017 Webinar Series

All 2017 Nike Coach of the Year clinic attendees get free access to these videos! 

Videos will be added weekly, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back each week. If you click on a video and get a "Page not found" error, that just means the video has not been released yet.


Did you attend a Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in 2017?

If you attended a Nike Coach of the Year clinics and you gave your email address you will receive a link and login for access to these videos prior to April 15, 2017. If you have not provided your email to Nike Coach of the Year please send an email to with information on what clinic you attended. 

WEEK 1 - Live on April 15  

Offensive and defensive fundamentals

Bret Bielema - Head Coach University of Arkansas

Tempo run game and staying on schedule

Hugh Freeze - Head Coach Ole Miss

The screens and draw package

Stefon Lefors - Head Coach Christian Academy of Louisville

WEEK 2 - Live on April 24

Building an offense that matches your personnel 

Troy Calhoun - Head Coach Airforce Academy

Footwork: The fundamentals of tackling

Kalani Sitaki - Head Coach Bringham Young University

Multiple pressures out of a 4-2-5 defense

Klint King - Head Coach Richland High School

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